From a vantage point at Capaccio, you can see the entire gulf of Salerno spread out before you all the way to the Amalfi coast and the Isle of Capri out at the end, marking the entrance to the next gulf up the coast, that of Naples.

If you had been up on that point a few thousand years ago and started one of those neat time-lapse films going—maybe a frame every couple of years—you could watch prehistoric tribes give way to the city builders of Magna Grecia, the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, the Gothic Wars, the violence of the Middle Ages, the drudgery of feudalism, the coming of the Spanish, the Bourbons, the unification of Italy, and the WWII Allied invasion of the gulf. (All of this, of course, much too quickly in that ant-like time-lapse scurrying to and fro. I figured it out: at one frame every two years and a standard projection rate, the film would last about 25 minutes. Yes, jerky but entertaining—like most films with Time Machine in the title! You’d have to be patient; they didn’t start making popcorn around here until around 1700.)  READ MORE